Cesar “Feed-the-Friendship” Campaign


Dog food brand Cesar launched a fun, and very informative, marketing campaign for 2015. “Feed-the-Friendship," created by advertising agency AMV BBDO, featured a fully integrated, interactive campaign that allowed the consumer to find out where their pet comes from and his/her backstory, all from a site that is fun, engaging and simple to use. To launch the campaign BBDO created social posts and online videos, which showed the doubt most dog owners have about the true breed of their dog. The films and the posts direct the dog owner to a mobile site. The site incorporated facial recognition technology to assess the breed of their dog. When users upload a photo, the API generates a potential breed name for their dog, a shareable badge and a series of fun, interesting facts about their dog’s unique breed. Users also received a chance to win a Feed the Friendship kit that included a real doggy DNA test, a sample of Cesar Home Delights dog food and a specially designed Cesar Placemat. This placemat allowed dogs to easily enjoy the delicious taste of Home Delights without causing a mess or chasing their food around the floor.

Cesar "Feed-the-Friendship" Cesar Placemat DNA Kit (manufactured by SAVVY) placemat, welcome card, and packaging.

Cesar "Feed-the-Friendship" Cesar Placemat DNA Kit (manufactured by SAVVY) placemat, welcome card, and packaging.

SAVVY, and long time partner Double Six Design, were called upon to produce the “Feed-the-Friendship” Cesar Placemat DNA Kit and deliver them to each contest winner. SAVVY took on a list of assignments, from DFM and manufacturing of the Cesar Placemat, DFM and manufacturing of the packaging, and its contents, to kitting and fulfillment.

The time to produce the project was limited, so it was necessary to be extremely efficient throughout the entire process. Budget was also a driving factor so SAVVY decided to manufacture the compression molded placemat, as well as the packaging components, with their trusted China manufacture partners. Although production was taking place half way around the world, the client was in good hands. SAVVY manufacture partners have been vetted and are managed by SAVVY teams located in both north and south China.

SAVVY converted the BBDO concept drawings into a workable 3D design ready for manufacturing. It was important to procure certified food grade silicon material, in a specific PMS color for the placemat. SAVVY managed the compression molding process to be certain the SAVVY quality standard was met. The result was an exceptional final product exceeding the client’s expectations.

During this time, SAVVY also structurally refined the packaging concept design and prepared working files for manufacturing. SAVVY also produced all the printed components needed for the campaign. Final assembly of the Cesar Placemat DNA Kits were performed in California whereby SAVVY could quality check one final time before the kits were sent on their way to grateful pet owners. As promised, SAVVY was able to complete the tasks on time and on budget, a hallmark of their reputation.


This campaign not only supplied Cesar’s customers and their pets with a creative and fun limited edition Cesar Placemat, but was also able to provide a way for pet owners to unlock the mystery behind the true breed of their dog. The design of the DNA package kit added imagination, vision and originality to the already great product, along with the durable and decorative placemat! With the great help of SAVVY, this fun and engaging package was possible and added to the happiness and joy of many Cesar customers!

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