Breathe easy, we aim to please.

Breathe easy,

we aim to please.

Four steps to an outstanding project


Let’s connect and discuss your vision and project criteria. While we get to know one another, we’ll share the SAVVY philosophy and commitment. And we’ll explore the possibilities—

• manufacturing techniques

• materials

• budget

• timelines

• logistics

When we’re finished, you’ll know the design and manufacturing steps ahead.



With the findings from the discovery session in hand, we go to our design lab to move your project another step forward.

This is when the SAVVY team makes your idea real. We create the concept drawings to define the design direction and prepare a plan for achieving your vision.

The path ahead is clear—we’ll provide a design brief that outlines your project details and scope of work.


From the start, SAVVY designs your product or package with manufacturing in mind. The advantage? Little to no DFM (design for manufacturing) needed before mass production. First, view an on-screen 3D rendering that you can rotate and see from every angle. With your thumbs up, our team will produce a 3D prototype, one you can actually hold, examine and admire. And, of course, put through your review and approval process.



SAVVY contracts with many factories we’ve pre-vetted in North America and Asia. Because we understand their capabilities, we’re sure they’re qualified to produce your project—at the level of quality we demand. Our project management team coordinates every complexity, a critical step when several factories are producing multiple components simultaneously. Count on SAVVY to navigate mass production, plus quality control and logistics.

Shall we talk about your project? Get in touch.

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