TAGCarts “HEROCart Joins COVID-19 Fight”


During the coronavirus pandemic, SAVVY was asked to ramp up quickly and help TAGCarts respond to the emergency. The company, known for power- and tech-infused medical carts that enhance nurse safety and productivity, wanted to switch gears. Their plan—create a low-cost, single-patient-use disposable storage cart for pop-up hospitals treating a surge of patients.

“HEROCart” Single-Patient-Use Cart (manufactured by SAVVY)

“HEROCart” Single-Patient-Use Cart (manufactured by SAVVY)

To honor the frontline health workers who would use it, Navy veteran and founder of TAGCarts, Taggart Neal, called it the HEROCart™. It would function as a PPE isolation cart, assigned to the bedside of one patient. This would reduce cross-contamination by eliminating the need for multiple nurses to share a cart.

From nothing to complete in three weeks
Taggart gave SAVVY loose dimensions to work from and a few criteria for the new product:

• quick and affordable to produce
• fully recyclable
• easy to assemble
• sturdy, to be stocked with masks, gloves and other protective gear for medical professionals
• scalable for mass production

SAVVY’s Bob Thompson worked closely with Taggart on the HEROCart concept. When Taggart explained the product’s mission, “I was excited to jump in and manage the design and production,” says Bob. “Here, I could put my skills to work to help protect COVID-19 patients and the brave nurses and doctors who stand up to the virus every day.”

Using California resources

With time constraints pressing, Bob designed the product from scratch, then worked with SAVVY’s Southern California manufacturer partner to produce and deliver the HEROCart. All in a span of three weeks.

“We expected a single-patient-use cart to have a low weight capacity,” says Taggart, “but Bob and his team made a HEROCart with strength and durability that was a welcome surprise. It allowed us to better serve our healthcare and emergency response clients.” Built of durable corrugated paper board containing a high level of post-consumer waste (recycled content), the HEROCart is 100% recyclable. The disposable carts, which glide on wheels for ease of use, cost the user less than 5% of their permanent, hard-surface counterparts and can be shipped flat or assembled.

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Delivering the goods
TAGCart employed veterans and people with disabilities to package and ship hundreds of the HEROCarts to frontline nurses, as the pandemic continued. Users rapidly deployed the PPE-kitted HEROCart at pop-up medical facilities in California, Arizona and New Mexico, including the Navajo Nation.

About the smooth project with the tight deadline, Taggart’s response to SAVVY is, “TAGCarts' ability to pivot in response to COVID-19 was dependent on partners who empathized with our mission and were willing and able to execute in real time. The reputation, partners and expertise of Bob and his team made this happen.”